Learn More About How I Started in Photography


I began the love of photography nearly 15 years ago while on my youngest son’s high school graduation gift … a trip to Montana, Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota. With a small Kodak point & shoot camera, I discovered that I truly loved how the world looked through the viewfinder, and I suddenly had several images to re-live the excitement of that trip. 

As soon as we returned home to Northern California, I purchased a Canon 450D SLR and some extra lens to allow me to take a wider range of images. I discovered that the lens quickly became a bigger investment than the camera itself! But they allowed me to get images of bull riding and barrel racing, two of my favorite activities in the sport of Rodeo, and also to take headshot pictures for young actors graduating from the local Junior College and the University in our area. I have been doing this for more than 10 years now, and while I now use a more powerful Canon camera, my love of capturing special “moments in time” has only grown stronger.

While Northern California is beautiful, and the Pacific Ocean is an hour away, my mind kept thinking about the Black Hills and the beauty in the National Forest and the Badlands. So in 2019 I’ve convinced my best friend and my partner in life to move back to the Black Hills with me and I am beyond excited to heat up the Canon  camera and start looking through the viewfinder again at the Black Hills National Forest, the massive and impressive Bison, the Antelope, the Deer, and other critters to be found, and the excitement of South Dakota rodeos.

I hope you’ll join along and view the photos from time to time.